Young Leaders Program

The IWA Young Leaders Program believes that to learn how to lead, you must get out of the classroom and create change and influence others. The opportunities for growing as a leader are vast. The program has created a Distinguished Leader Graduate distinction to incent students who want to apply what they learn in class to a diverse set of leadership challenges - moving them to act boldly, be authentic in their interactions and serve others.

The requirements for Distinguished Leader are listed here

Distinguished Leaders 

Mary Amsler    Texas A&M University
Isabelle Bacilla  St. John's University
Cortiana Barnes  University of Texas at Arlington
Dulce Bautista  University of St. Thomas
Rebecca Bujnoch  Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Kathryn Caudell  Southwestern University
Madelyne Consley  Texas Tech University
Clare Marie Cuthrell  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Katherine Edwards  Texas State University
Evelyn Fischer  Auburn University
Allison Fitzgerald  University of Texas at Austin
Adrianna Geegan  Baylor University 
Hannah Hanz  Texas A&M University
Julia Heiser  Texas State University
Nadia Herrada   St. Edward's University
Caitlin Linton   University of Mississippi
Gabriela Marin   College of William and Mary
Hannah Martinez   University of St. Thomas
Megan McKee   University of St. Thomas
Jhena Patriarca   Texas Woman's University
Caitlyn Payne   University of Texas at Arlington
Elizabeth Ramasute   University of St. Thomas
Mikaela Rey   University of Texas at Austin
Lauren Marie Reyes  University of North Texas
Caroline Siegfried   Rice University
Sofia Sosa Yanez   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Hannah Tello  University of Houston
Lucy Tovias  Texas A&M University Galveston
Elyssa Vega  University of Houston
Allison Wagner  Seattle University


Hanna Licea George Mason University
Sarah Meyer Baylor University
Tiffany Leal Seattle University
Hannah Foster Baylor University
Morgan Gable Texas A&M University
Lizzy Clark Texas A&M University
Mia Rochon Baylor University
Courtney Ezuede New York University
Cecilia Farias-Ruiz University of Texas - San Antonio
Gabby Gonzalez Belmont University
Izy Willingham Lone Star College
Shannon Forrester Texas A&M University
Katie Phillips Kansas State University


Emily Curling McGill University
Rebecca Loera Texas A&M University
Virginia Birkofer Catholic University of America
Evelyn Leal Texas A&M University
Kaitlyn Gomez Texas A&M University
Taylor Mitchell University of Houston
Lauren Stockton Houston Baptist University
Kristen Longoria Texas A&M University
Lauren Self Texas A&M University