Young Leaders Program

The IWA Young Leaders Program includes an innovative curriculum focused on character and leadership development, role models in historical contexts and critical life skills.  Incarnate Word Academy is one of the only schools in the country to offer its students a concentration in leadership studies.  All courses are adapted from leading colleges, universities, and leadership programs.  


The Young Leaders Concentration Core Courses

  • Leading with Character:  A requirement of all IWA students, this course takes a deep dive into the elements of character and its importance as the foundation of authentic leadership.  
  • Leading with Service:  Based on the landmark work of Pozner/Kouzes (Santa Clara University), this leadership practices course culminates in students creating a Social Change Thesis Project to apply the theories learned throughout the semester on a real world issue.
  • Leading with Business:  In collaboration with The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, this course includes modules on Idea Generation, Branding and Marketing, Pricing Strategies, Operations and Value Chain Management, Financial and Cost Accounting, and Presentation Skills.  Students are required to create a formal business plan and present their idea to local Wharton alums in IWA's version of "Shark Tank".
  • Leading with Personal Finance:  This comprehensive course in financial literacy uses the Dave Ramsey Foundation curriculum and provides an in depth review of banking, investing, budgeting, consumer debt, insurance products, and negotiation skills for large purchases.  The leadership principles of humility, self control, and courage help our graduates to prioritize their lives around early savings and debt avoidance.  


The Young Leaders Concentration Complementary Courses

  • Contemporary U.S. Women's History:  Contemporary U.S. Women's History will begin at the beginning of the 1920s and examine the triumphs and tribulations of American women in the past century. The course will examine the separate histories of the various dominant races and cultures that make up the female population in America, including White, African-American, Asian-American, Latina, Chicana and Native American women. The course aims to reach modern-day issues using both in-depth examination and comparative studies.
  • Introduction to Philosophical Thought: This course will introduce students to some of the ultimate questions that face humanity as witnessed especially by the life, death and influence of Socrates.  The class will cover such topics as nature of philosophy (the love of wisdom), the relationship between faith and reason, the immortality of the soul, the ultimate good, and the value of leisure. 
  • AP Psychology: The AP Psychology course is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology. They also learn about the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice.