Young Leaders Program

YLP with Charles 2016

The young women who graduate from Incarnate Word Academy today are entering a vastly different world than the students from past decades. The opportunities for professional and personal growth have never been greater.  As safety nets weaken, the need to serve communities has never been more vital.  

Technology is interconnecting people around the world, educating millions and lifting new economies into the global marketplace. The digital age has ushered in an era of rapid access to anything and everything. The ability to easily create, collaborate and share information gives rise to complex yet amazing opportunities. 

With these significant advancements also comes the need for greater discernment from each student. In a time of social media, rapidly changing communication platforms, and the temptation to be constantly "plugged in", a student's perspective can be lost and priorities confused. 

While media-driven information creates an appearance that everything matters, IWA is dedicated to teaching graduates that, in the past, now, and in the future, the only thing that ever really matters is one's acquired knowledge, faith, and character - our enduring cornerstones of academics, spirituality and values. Leadership is the act of mobilizing others to want to struggle to achieve shared aspirations. That aspiration emanates from a heartfelt desire to improve our corner of the world. IWA gives its YLP students the time and opportunity to practice working with others to serve a cause.


Preparing for a Life of Leadership

In the 21st century, our graduates will not be able to follow the same career paths of their parents and grandparents. Many of these paths no longer apply in a more competitive global marketplace. A former Secretary of Education stated that the task of educators is “to prepare students to work in jobs that don't yet exist, using technologies that have not been invented, in order to solve problems that are not yet known.” 

In such a dynamic world, the great opportunities of today and tomorrow will be accessible to those who have the leadership skills to define new paths and who bring an “extra” gift of faithful service and strong character. These unique individuals will be called upon to lead others and make life's most valuable contributions.

Incarnate Word Academy is excited to be part of helping our graduates begin a life-long journey of learning, leading and loving Christ.