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Commit Boldly, Relate Authentically, and Serve First

Incarnate Word Academy inspires students through the charisms of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament and the leadership of its foundress, the Venerable Jeanne de Matel. After years of discernment, constant criticism, and outright opposition from the Church hierarchy, Jeanne de Matel founded the order. We honor the incredible life of Jeanne de Matel and stir the hearts of our students by aligning to her example of courage, dedication to principle, and devotion to service. This gives rise to our three main leadership cornerstones: Commit Boldly, Relate Authentically, and Serve First. The Incarnate Word Leadership Identity is further defined by the creed, Amor Meus, which compels us to act boldly to make God’s love real in our community.

It is this leadership identity which inspired the creation of IWA Young Leaders Program, an innovative 4-year character and leadership development program which asks students to prepare for a life of leadership. It provides IWA students the unique opportunity to develop in-demand leadership skills built upon a foundation of strong personal character. IWA's leadership curriculum consists of 4 core courses and 4 complementary courses. All of these courses offer a college caliber curriculum adapted from university programs such as University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and Santa Clara University. Beyond, the curriculum, a co-curricular program acts to give students the time and space to practice their new skills outside of the classroom. A Young Leader concentration diploma designation and the Distinguished Leader graduation distinction is an incredible way to showcase your passage through the Young Leaders Program.

Why We Exist

To empower young women to lead and serve

The program exists to prepare IWA graduates for a life of personal and professional leadership. We aim to develop bold, authentic, servant leaders - role models who intentionally lead as a way of life and serve the needs of others. The world today is desperate for female voices who live the principles of bold, authentic leadership and we aim to do our part to fill this extreme need.

What We Do

Learn in class and practice out of class!

The program consists of curricular and extracurricular opportunities for leadership development and practice across all 4 years of high school. Students can graduate with a concentration in leadership studies and/or can be recognized as a Distinguished Leader with the possibility of leaving a legacy of leadership to those who follow.

How We Do It

Be obsessed with creating opportunities for student leaders!

The program strives to provide leadership development opportunities by:

  1. offering a comprehensive leadership curriculum,
  2. allowing students to be fully empowered to direct the YLP program, and
  3. encouraging students to apply leadership principles in every aspect of their lives.

The program and IWA provides class time and extracurricular time for each member to commit to practice new skills in and out of school. Program sponsors and directors commit to provide feedback as they experience the inevitable ups and downs of taking on the burden of leadership.

Our Defining Documents

The links below map the strategic vision for the Young Leaders Program

Our Reason to Be, Daring Destinations, and Bold Promises

Leadership Identity

Leadership Model

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  • What We Do
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  • Our Defining Documents