Student Life

Spirit Shop

The Spirit Shop serves the students and their families in promoting and maintaining the IWA School Spirit throughout the year. The Spirit Shop provides access for the students and family members to purchase Spirit merchandise during assigned school hours, school and some sports events and other occasions.  Please contact Samantha Edwards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to volunteer in Spirit Shop or if you have any great ideas to share.  Please also remember that we accept cash, checks, and credit cards!  

IWA Spirit Shop Price List

 IWA Blue Uniform Sweatshirt  $25   S, M, L, XL, 2XL
 IWA Hoodie   $30  S, M, L, XL
 IWA Black Fleece Jacket - NEW!  $35  S, M, L, XL
 Navy "Woman of the Word" Tee - NEW!  $15  S, M, L, XL
 Grey Longsleeve Tee  $20  S, M, L, XL
 IWA 'Texas' Tee in Grey or Blue  $15  XL, 2XL
 Red Longsleeve Spirit Jersey  $35  S, M, XL
 White Chevron Print Spirit Jersey - CLEARANCE!  $33  M, L,XL, 2XL
 IWA Shorts: Black/Red  $25  S, M, L, XL,  
 IWA Plaid Pajama Pant   $20  S, M,L, XL, 2XL
 Chevron Headband: Black/White or Red/White  $10  
 IWA Headband: Small with Hearts  $5  
 IWA Bling Tee Shirt  $30  S, M, L, XL
 Men's Black & Red Polo   $40  S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL
 Men's Black Polo  $40  L, 2XL
 Men's White IWA Fishing Shirt - NEW!  $60  S,M,L,XL,2X,3X
 IWA Ballcap in Black or Red  $20  
 IWA Visor - NEW!  $20  
 IWA Charm with Necklace  $50  
 IWA Charm  $40  
 Red IWA Apron  $25  
 Small IWA Canvas Bag - BACK IN STOCK!  $40  
 IWA Drawstring Bag  $10  
 Floral Umbrella  $25  
 IWA Sports Bag  $25  
 Clear Water Tumbler - IWA Crest or Polkadots $12  
 Clear IWA Water Bottle - NEW!  $10  
 IWA White "Swell" Water Bottle - NEW!  $25  
 IWA Red Latter Coffee Mug - NEW!  $9  
 White Coffee Mug with IWA Crest   $8  
 Red IWA Sports Bottle   $12  
 Stainless Steel Tumbler   $20  
 Red IWA Stadium Blanket   $40  
 IWA Pennant  $5  
 IWA Yard Sign  $10  
 Car Decal  $3