Student Life

Mission statement
Empower Young Women to Lead and Serve

Meeting frequency
YLP has multiple teams which meet typically every 2-3 weeks during flex time.

Responsibilities and activities
The YLP is the driving force to conduct a number of leadership initiatives.  It consists of 3 main functions:

Grow: (1) Leadership Development events and online portal for IWA (2) Leaders in Action and the Look n Lead Conference which provides leadership experiences for middle school students and (3) Listen n Lead - our monthly school-wide speaker series.

Global Service: Provides services to an organization outside of the US - traditionally has included our Sewfest community event

Connect: (1) Build a new culture based on strategic behavioral values (2) Encourage the Heart programs including Leader of the Month and (3) communicating YLP accomplishments internally and externally

Eligibility requirements
All IWA students are eligible to participate.  Depending on the participation level students can graduate IWA as a Distinguished Leader.

Student dues
Nominal Fees may be required for events, T-shirts, etc

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