Students who join the IWA family in 10th or 11th grade are welcomed to IWA with the help of a transfer program. This program includes:

  • Orientation: The two days before school begins, all new students gather for fun activities that help introduce students to life at IWA
  • Transfer buddy: Each transfer students is appointed a ‘buddy’ who helps with their integration, especially in the first weeks at IWA
  • Transfer lunches: Students meet periodically for lunch with other transfer students and members of staff to gather information about upcoming events


To apply for 10th or 11th grade:

  1. Complete the online application.  
  2. Download the recommendation forms and transcript request form and send them to your school. School officials will complete the form, copy them and then submit to each school you mark on the form.
  3. Applicants for 11th grade must submit PSAT scores. 
  4. Transfer applicants are called for an interview once their application is on file.

Note:  Transfer students' grades from their previous schools are listed on their transcripts, but they are not used to calculate their rank in class or grade point average. Calculation begins with grades in courses taken at Incarnate Word Academy.


Admission decisions are based on the following: 

  • Grades from recent report cards
  • Entrance exam results/standardized testing results
  • Recommendation forms 
  • Student application and essay 
  • Attendance and discipline records 
  • Academic work habits