ipad program

Incarnate Word Academy has a one-to-one iPad program in which all freshmen are issued a 128GB 5th-generation iPad for the school year. Returning students will use their 32GB iPad Airs and transfer students will be issued 32GB iPad Airs.


Approved iPad Air Cases

32GB iPad Air Model (ONLY FOR Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors)

Approved Cases Without Keyboards

Approved Cases With Keyboards

Approved iPad Accessories (optional)


iPad Apps

Depending on each student’s schedule, she may be required to download certain Apps to support classroom instruction.  Students must install required apps and textbooks that do not have a print option. While many apps are free, students will need to buy some apps from the Apple App Store with parent/guardian permission. Families may choose to use iTunes gift cards or associate a credit card with their Apple ID for purchase of apps. Any app purchased on the iPad via the App Store will automatically be available to the student’s iTunes account and on any other iOS device at no additional charge. Families with two or more IWA students are recommended to setup Family Sharing with Apple so that apps purchased can be shared among siblings.

All apps or data stored on the iPad must be consistent with school policy (TAUP). Apps preloaded by IWA must remain on the iPad. Students are prohibited from downloading apps for virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass our internal web filtering parameters. VPNs that are “free” can route traffic to unsecured third-party servers and compromise personal data.


iPad Program Required Apps

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Calendar
  • iMovie


iPad Ownership and Monitoring

Incarnate Word Academy retains all ownership rights of the iPad; IWA may inspect the iPad and all stored information at any time with or without notice for violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. Students found using iPads inappropriately are subject to disciplinary action. The student should not have an expectation of privacy as to anything stored on, sent by, or received through it.

Students are required to create an Apple ID for use of purchases and operation of the iPad. Please note that if students use their school e-mail for their Apple ID, they will need to update the e-mail associated with the account upon graduation.  Any purchases made by the student will remain tied to the students Apple ID.  Students can only have one Apple ID associated with any school issued iPad.  Students may not allow other students, friends, or family members to use the school iPad with a different Apple ID. Families with two or more IWA students are recommended to setup Family Sharing with Apple so that apps purchased can be shared among siblings.

Parents can add parental restrictions to their daughter’s iPad to prevent access to specific features or content. More information can be found on adding restrictions to iPads on Apple’s “Understanding Restrictions” webpage. There are also various monitoring Apps available through Apple’s App Store that parents may purchase. Students may install other apps that are in alignment with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Care of the Device

Students must:

  • Keep the iPad in working condition with a full charge each morning.
  • Establish and maintain a confidential pass code.
  • Secure the iPad in an IWA-approved case ensuring protection to the screen and four corners.
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry, anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD-type screens. Do not use paper towels which may scratch the screen
  • Keep the iPad clean with no writing or stickers on the device.
  • Update apps and operating system regularly.



Certain preference settings, such as screen brightness and notifications may be changed by a student.  Any customization must be in good taste and in alignment with the rules and values of the school. 


Damaged or Destroyed iPads

Damaged or destroyed iPads must be reported to the Technology Coordinator within 24 hours by filling out a claim form including a parent/guardian signature. The responsible party will be billed $75 for the first repair, $125 for the second repair, and the $175 for any subsequent claims, before the repair is scheduled. The records for breakage transcend years and are not reset each school year.  If the damage is a result of the student having removed the approved protective case or due to gross negligence or malicious intent, the full charge for repair or replacement will be billed to the responsible party. The student is responsible for notifying the Technology Coordinator within five school days if the repair is insufficient or ineffective to allow the school to utilize the repair warranty. Non-reported damaged iPads or iPads with damaged cases will be confiscated.


Lost or Stolen iPads

Students must keep the iPad in a secure location at all times. A lost or stolen iPad must be reported within 24 hours to the Technology Director by filling out a claim form, available from the Technology Director, including a parent/guardian signature. If a copy of a police report of a stolen iPad is provided to IWA, the responsible party will be billed $150 for a replacement iPad. If an iPad is lost or no police report is filed, the responsible party will be billed the total cost of the iPad for replacement.


Loaned iPads

If the student’s device or case is temporarily unusable or broken, IWA will have a limited number of iPads that may be checked out from the Technology Director. If a student’s iPad is sent for repair, the loaned iPad may be used for the length of the repair. Students must pick up their repaired iPad within two school days of notification of completed repairs. Notifications will be sent to the student by e-mail.


Return of iPad

At the end of the school year, graduating seniors, non-registered students or students with tuition balances will be required to return the iPad, original iPad cable, and 12W power adapter in good working order to the school, and all personal data must be deleted.  This process requires the student to have disabled Find My iPad and any parental restrictions set on the device.  If the iPad is not returned as required, the full replacement cost will be billed.

Returning students in good financial standing will be allowed to keep their iPads over the summer except for a summer during a ‘refresh year’ when students will turn in their iPad at the end of the school year and will be issued a new one for the upcoming school year.  The school reserves the right to collect the iPads for the summer if needed.