IWA’s rigorous college-preparatory core curriculum, with numerous honors and Advanced Placement options, is complemented with wide-ranging electives that challenge students to find their strengths and to make worldly, conscientious decisions.

IWA asks students to value curiosity and new experiences just as much as they value rigor when they build personally-challenging schedules from our college preparatory core, 28 honors and AP classes and wide-reaching electives.

At the heart of our academic program is our greatest resource: our competent and compassionate faculty that fosters a challenging and supportive environment where learners and leaders can grow. When recent IWA graduates return to campus, they frequently note that their academic preparedness surpassed their college classmates, and they enthusiastically attribute this to the qualified, dedicated and passionate faculty and staff.

Course Catalog

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What classes might I take each year?

Freshman Courses Sophomore Courses
 Theology I  Theology II
 English I*  English II*
 Algebra I* or Geometry*  Algebra II* or Geometry*
 Biology*  Chemistry*
 World History & Geography to 1500 CE*  World History & Geography from 1500 CE*
 Spanish, French or Latin I  Spanish, French or Latin II
 Communications Applications  Health
 Elective or Leading with Character  Elective or Leading with Character


Junior Courses Senior Courses
 Theology III  Theology IV
 English III or AP English Language  English IV or AP English Literature
 Algebra II* or Pre-Calculus*  College Algebra, Pre-Calculus*,
 AP Calculus AB/BC, or AP Statistics
 Anatomy, Physics*, Forensic Science
 or AP Biology
 Physics*, Honors Physics II, AP Biology
 or AP Chemistry
 World History & Geography to 1500 CE*  World History & Geography from 1500 CE*
 Spanish*, French* or Latin* III  Spanish, French or Latin II
 Elective  Spanish IV, AP Spanish, AP Latin,
 or AP French(optional)
 Elective   Elective



Popular Electives 
 3D Modeling and Game Design Leading with Service
 Contemporary Literature Textile Art
 Dance World in Motion
 Leading with Business Dystopian Literature
 Leading with Personal Finance Engineering Design