With an average class size of 16 and a 9:1 student to teacher ratio, IWA is committed to personal attention and helping each student thrive.


“IWA is about positive teaching environments where young women are encouraged to lead rather than follow. It’s about young women empowering each other through education, conversation, and actions. Most importantly, IWA is about faith. As you walk through the halls you see God’s light shine through each and every student, teacher, and faculty member.” Elise Amsler '19

IWA develops discerning, curious and empathic citizens who are prepared to affect positive change in the world. Our competent and compassionate teachers facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving skills which inspire students to love learning.  IWA’s innovative curriculum and booming downtown environment help this small school nurture big thinkers.

How does IWA help students succeed?

At IWA, academic success starts with course selection.  Academic counselors help students meet their goals by creating personally-challenging schedules that include foundational courses and enriching electives.   IWA utilizes a modified block schedule which allows teachers and students extended time in each class once per week for an experiential activity, a lab, a longer AP-style test, or time for supported practice.  IWA also uses Flex Time, forty minutes at the end of the day for studying and tutoring, reducing student stress, increasing student productivity, and providing time for enrichment programming, club meetings and other experiential activities without interrupting class time. 

At IWA, students leverage:

  • 28 honors and AP classes
  • a one-to-one iPad program
  • partnerships with the Wharton School of business, PwC, and Halliburton
  • average class size: 16 students
  • a student-teacher ratio of 9:1
  • Young Leaders Concentration which signals to colleges that students have mastered college-level leadership and business material
  • electives that ask students to find solutions to real-life character, community and business challenges

How does IWA stack up against the rest?

IWA students earn recognition on a national level because of their hard work in the classroom and the dedication of their teachers. Each year several students earn the ability to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program and have gone on to use generous scholarship dollars at colleges like Rice University, Columbia University, University of Virginia and the University of Texas. Select IWA students each year score a perfect, or nearly perfect, score on the SAT.  Each spring about 70% of juniors and seniors take national Advanced Placement exams and approximately 85% earn scores qualifying them for college credit. Aside from scores earned and scholarship dollars collected, graduates frequently return to campus from selective universities praising Incarnate Word Academy’s college preparation.