About Us


Incarnate Word Academy provides young women with a Catholic college preparatory education, helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, and live according to His values.

Cornerstones: Academics, Values and Spirituality


In its mission of proclaiming the Gospel message, the school recognizes the primacy of spiritual concerns and gives allegiance in word and action to the belief that intangible values have priority over material benefits and that particular temporal options must be viewed in the light of the ultimate good of the individual and society. The school strives to relate human knowledge to the development and practice of moral and ethical values, thus animating the faith-life of the students as they gradually gain knowledge and of their responsibility to build a community of service in today’s pluralistic society. To prepare young women to take their place in society, the school stresses spiritual growth within the framework of the cultivation of intelligence, offering an education that is Catholic in the truest sense of the word. As such, it strives to offer a solid foundation in the basics of a liberal arts education. Dedicated to academic excellence, the school strives to develop the total spiritual, intellectual, cultural, social and physical potential of the students by its curriculum and by the presence of teachers who express this integrated approach to learning and living in their private and professional life.