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Profile of An Iwa Graduate

An Incarnate Word Academy graduate is formed upon a foundation of academic acumen—competence, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity about multiple subjects—but is working toward a more comprehensive goal: to lead a life of compassionate service, engaged responsibility with a global consciousness, and prayerful dedication to a Catholic lifestyle. 


  • Shows competency in all core academic areas, with mastery and enthusiasm for those academic areas she has learned to love.
  • Ventures into areas of interest and curiously explores how ideas impact the modern world.
  • Communicates clearly, both orally and in writing, with thoughtful attention to her audience and purpose.
  • Sees opportunity in her scholastic weaknesses.
  • Solves problems productively and proactively as well as anticipates future issues.
  • Evaluates and critically analyzes information and uses it to make worldly, conscientious decisions.
  • Creatively and practically uses technology to access, analyze, organize, and process information and identify better ways to accomplish tasks.
  • Has been exposed to the demands and rewards of modern professional life and is beginning to anticipate the future directions of this work environment.
  • Knows when she works best alone and when it’s best to collaborate.
  • Leads when it’s time to lead. Follows when it’s time to follow.
  • Can verbalize her specific, unique strengths and understands how to leverage her strengths to help grow her areas of non-strength.
  • Values the arts and sees them as mode of expression of ideas. 


  • Contemplates the moral and ethical implications of her actions and makes choices aligned with her firmly rooted value system and personal priorities.
  • Understands that personal integrity and accountability must never be compromised.
  • Maintains humility, recognizing that her successes are a result of the support of many.
  • Knows what’s right and has the courage to stand up for what’s right.
  • Values myriad forms of diversity and seeks out diverse groups and diverse thoughts.
  • Considers her impact on the environment and makes sustainable choices.
  • Treasures herself and is confident in who she is becoming.
  • Exudes a positive and forward-thinking attitude.
  • Balances her many responsibilities while maintaining her own wellness.
  • Shows compassion toward victims of injustice and seeks solutions for injustice.
  • Shows empathy and compassion towards disadvantaged groups in society through her service to the community. 


  • Exhibits a Christian conscience and makes decisions that are aligned with her faith.
  • Recognizes service toward others as a manifestation of a Christian way of life.
  • Appreciates the uniqueness of herself and others as made in the image of God.
  • Understands the Church’s teachings about Jesus Christ.
  • Understands how a Catholic worldview can guide her in a changing world.
  • Takes responsibility for exploring and validating her own faith.
  • Has been exposed to world religions and demonstrates respect for those who are alike and unlike herself.
  • Has experienced God through prayer and retreat and integrates prayer into her lifestyle.