About Us

Sister Lauren, PresidentWhen I was a child I was fascinated by a rather ordinary toy: a kaleidoscope.  I can remember twisting the long tube so that the pieces of brightly colored materialinside took shape to form beautiful patterns. It wasn’t just one shape you could make; you could twist over and over and it would not repeat the pattern.  It seemed like magic to me.

As I sit down to write this letter, that childhood memory comes to mind and I see a correlation with my IWA experience.  Rather than twisting a long tube, I simply focus on different areas of the school and am thrilled at what I see.

This summer many of our students are involved in summer programs, showing that their interests, nurtured in the classroom, take shape in the real world.  We have one student participating in an Asia Society leadership program to learn more about global affairs and further much-needed positive dialogue and understanding in the world. Another is studying at Georgetown University, getting a head start on her AP Government course and learning the ins and outs of college life.  Yetanother is flexing her spirit through a course at the University of Notre Dame called “Exploring God’s Call.”  It is so heartening to see our students stretch and engage in opportunities beyond what they learn during the school year.   

The kaleidoscope turns.  A new bus is rolling into our parking lot.  This much-needed roving IWA advertisement is a great addition to our fleet of buses that run the roads each day transporting our students to all kinds of activities and events.  I am so grateful to those who stepped up to pay for it - the Booster Club through their Super Bowl fundraising efforts and the generous gala donors during our “Raise Your Paddles” event.

Twist again.  I see our new five-year Strategic Plan ready to roll out. It was acommunity effort to create and it will take all of us to implement it.  It is an honor to uphold the 145-year legacy of educating young women, helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus the Incarnate Word, and live according to His values.

Summer vacation will have come to a close by the time you read this letter.  It is understandable that my focus would turn to our dedicated faculty and staff.  It is through their efforts that IWA can maintain high standards in Academics, Values and Spirituality.  You’ll read about one such faculty member in our new “Office Hours” section; I hope you will be amazed at the experience she brings to the classroom and her dedication to helping our students dream big.

As you read this magazine, I hope you, too, will be excited by all that you seehappening at IWA.   I think you will agree that God has truly blessed us.   I trust that He will continue to bless us and guide our efforts to be true to our mission.

Praised be the Incarnate Word,

Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I. 
Incarnate Word Academy President (2000-present)