About Us

Sister Lauren, President

Sometimes people think that schools shut down in the summer. Some may wonder what - if anything - goes on in a school during June and July. However, if I had to describe the summertime at IWA in one word it would be “busy!"

The most visible sign of our summer activity is the progress of  the new academic building. The six-story frame is up, concrete is poured on all of the floors, and the construction workers are steadily moving toward their February 1 completion date. This is so thrilling! Check out the full plans and see how you can make your contribution by clicking this I AM IN capital campaign link.

Meanwhile, the inside of the building also needed major repairs. In June and July, our construction firm gutted the administrative office corridor, replaced the foundation, and implemented a new design to give the welcome space a fresh look.  It was a priority to have the interior back in order for the girls’ return to school, and we are so pleased that the deadline was met. 

Amidst the clamor of summer construction, happy students’ voices echoed throughout the hallways.  IWA once again hosted athletic camps for middle school students, tryouts for fall sports teams, and volunteer opportunities for students focused on making a difference out in the community. You can read about some of these accomplishments in our “Word in the World” section of The Word Magazine.  Another group of students elected to participate in a week-long workshop about urban planning.  I am so proud of them all.

Lastly, the school is in the final processes of  developing a five-year strategic plan for the school.  We have been working with Meitler Consulting Firm since January to create a vision and plan for the school’s next five years and we are thrilled to begin implementing this in the new school year.  You will hear more about this plan in the next few months.   

All in all, it was amazing how many activities were going on simultaneously: the construction of the new building, the repair of our current foundation,  programming for current and incoming students, and the completion of the strategic plan.  Kudos to our staff who stayed focused to meet all of their responsibilities and contribute to the success of IWA during the summer.  

So, to answer what goes on during the summer at IWA, I would give a resounding response and perhaps one more word, “PLENTY!”

Praised be the Incarnate Word,

Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I. 
Incarnate Word Academy President (2000-present)